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The Secret to Making Someone Smile…

Handwritten Note on Personalized Stationery Want to know the secret to making someone smile? Send them a handwritten note! There is something so thoughtful and personal about receiving a note written by hand versus receiving an email, text, or Facebook post. In today’s digital world where sending emails and text messages are the norm, taking the time to write a note to a friend, coworker, family member, or someone special in your life shows that you care. Whenever I receive a handwritten note, it makes my day!

You should see our office – we are a bit obsessed with paper and always have personalized note cards on hand so that we can send thoughtful messages. Here are some of our favorite reasons for sending personalized notes:

  • To say thank you
  • To say congratulations
  • To let someone know we are thinking of them
  • To say happy birthday
  • To say we are excited to work with them

Personalized Stationery by Elli

We love the thought of being a part of making someone smile through good design and that is why we created our line of personalized stationery for you to personalize and use to write your own handwritten messages to friends and family.

So, what about you? Do you enjoy receiving handwritten notes as much as we do? Do you send handwritten notes to friends?


The Elli Team

We are a design-focused store specializing in wedding stationery. We offer a fresh variety of original designs to reflect your style and to touch the hearts of your friends and family.

  1. Those are lovely Elli. When are you going to be able to post to UK?

  2. Been sending handwritten notes and letters to my senior friends for years. It has gotten to the point for some of my senior friends, esp. for my 93 year old friend, difficult to write even though they still attempt to do so. Then it gets difficult to read their writing. It is good to encourage ones to write while they still can. Thank you!

  3. I have written for along time my letters handwritten, untill my friends told me they couldn’t translated them anymore in a normal one.LOL So i foudn out to printed them out on my own made personilezed paper.
    But now i’m still having alot of problems i only email them or sending a real card.
    but it’s fun when i received normal snailmail and handwritten. You’re right.!!!!

  4. I just love following you….you have the greatest ideas and share so generously …… and oh my, your tutorials are JUST THE BEST! Even a novice like me can follow.

    Love and Hugs
    and Grateful Thanks
    Helen Mary

  5. This is why I’m in the wedding business. It’s all about that genuine smile infused into a relationship, a shoot, a friendly exchange. Excellent post.

  6. I Love to send handwritten notes. I send my husband’s grandma one regularly. I also love to receivce them too. His grandma is great, because she writes back! Unfortunately, not too many others do.

  7. I try to write as much by hand as possible. It is way more personel, especially for birthday wishes, cards and letters. A handwritten note says so much!

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