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Paper Anemone Flower + Tutorial

Happy Friday, everyone! What a wonderful way to start the weekend. . . with a new paper flower. The anemone flower is a favorite for weddings, with delicate pale petals and a black centers parallel the traditional wedding dress and black tuxedo. I am loving this pale pink variety and recreated it for you in… Read more.

DIY Mini Wreath

Mini Paper Rose Wreath in Blush, Pink & Peach

Just last week, Elli shop designer Emily shared one of her recent crafty gift projects. . . a mini version of the paper rose wreath. It is oh so adorable and easy to create with only six paper roses, so we had to share this fun project with you. Emily found a 5.5 inch foam… Read more.

Paper Ranunculus Gift Topper

DIY Paper Ranunculus + Tutorial

To start the new year of our paper flower series we will begin with the delicate ranunculus. When I had my flower shop many years ago, this was a wedding bouquet favorite. The ranunculus comes in an array of colors but my favorite was this pale peachy pink with the slight green centers. For these… Read more.

Printable Instructions for Paper Rose

Printable Instructions for Paper Rose

We have had a few requests for a printable version of the instructions on “Making the Paper Rose” from our Paper Rose post. Here is a 3 page PDF version that you can easily download and print!

Valentines paper rose and vintage gift tag printables

Paper Rose: Gift Topper & Gift Tag

A simple and artful way to add a personal touch to a gift or a wedding favor is with a handmade paper rose. I made this one from an old dictionary page (the “love” section of course) by using the template I have linked below. Simply print the template on card stock, trim and trace… Read more.

Freebie Friday: DIY Paper Rose Templates

Freebie Friday: DIY Paper Rose Templates

Paper roses are one of my favorite paper crafts. I use them on gifts, wear them in my hair and make them to compliment a Papier Couture dress I create for the runway. Since my typical paper rose is made on the fly, this last week I noodled over how to make a template for you… Read more.

Freebie Friday: How to Make a Paper Bow

Freebie Friday: How to Make a Paper Bow

What a great way to dress up a package, a bottle of wine or any gift: a hand-crafted paper bow in this crisp red or yellow chevron pattern. Below you will find a link to download and print both the red and yellow paper bow templates. Once you have opened the pdf, simply print onto… Read more.