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Elli Wrap: Printable Gift Tags

Bon Jour! (posting from Paris) Gift tags are a great way to top your holiday gifts. Here are 25 DIY printable tags that we designed for you, all for mixing and matching with the printable wrap (Country Christmas, Urban Holiday, Wooly Woodland) and paper bows posted earlier. These can be printed onto card stock, trimmed… Read more.


Dollar Store Creative Gift Wrap Ideas (part one)

Our holiday gift wrap series is getting thrifty today! Lia and I decided to check out our local dollar store for creative gift wrap inspiration. Holiday decor was up and we were down right giddy. As I said in our recent blog post (the one showing our favorite wrapping materials), there are limitless ways to… Read more.

How to Tie a Perfect Bow

How to Tie a Perfect Bow

WATCH OUR NEW VIDEO ON HOW TO TIE THE PERFECT BOW (CLICK HERE) A good skill to have in your crafty repertoire is how to tie the perfect bow with ribbon. I do have a little trick that will help you create a straight, pretty bow every time. Give it a try and see if… Read more.

DIY Gift Wrap Inspiration (part 2)

DIY Gift Wrap Inspiration (part 2)

You may have seen the post that Emily wrote a few weeks back showing you DIY gift wrap ideas using everyday materials. Well. . . she inspired me. Last night I sat on my living room floor and pulled together all kinds of inspiration I had been collecting to wrap my holiday gifts. First of… Read more.