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Printable Cheer Flags
Wedding Cheer Flags

We have come up with a unique alternative to throwing rice for a wedding send off/recessional and are super excited to share our idea! Instead of giving bags of rice or bubbles to guests, give them these fun flags which include the words cheers, hooray, and yay on them. Imagine how cute wedding photos will be with guests waving these colorful flags in the background! They also are great mementos  for guests to take home.

These flags match our fall bohemian wedding set available at our Elli custom stationery shop.

HOW TO make diy send off flags:
Color print(s) of the send off flags on white card stock (click the button at the end of the post to print)
Scissors or exacto knife and ruler
Double stick tape
Bamboo skewers

1. Trim flags
2. Fold on dotted line with printed side out
3. Open folded flag flat again and place a small piece of double stick tape on white side of flag, in the center and across flattened crease
4. Lay skewer on taped center of flag and wrap paper around skewer



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  1. All your stuff is gorgeous! I love it! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I just discovered your darling blog, and can’t EVEN believe you have these! I am only 3 days away from a beautiful outdoor FALL wedding! The colors? Pumpkin and Plum!!!!
    You can bet every seat will have a flag! I’ll be posting pics next week on my blog- ‘Think Pink! The Wedding Blog’….

    Thanks for sharing,
    Cindi Mladenka, CEP, TWP
    *Pink Perfection*

  3. Hi, Lia

    I love to use this one on my wedding. Is it possible to change the color myself? My theme is brown/earth color. Please please let me know. Thank you so much

  4. I love the flag idea. Thank you for sharing. We have two weddings coming up soon. Colors are Fushia and white on the one and creams and off white on the other . Would love to make them in those colors. Thank you for your help.. Vickie.

    • Hello Vickie, We don’t usually offer customization on our freebies. However, I have emailed you two versions that make work for you. Have a wonderful wedding year. :-)

  5. Hi! My wedding is next week and my groom would love these. For the last 5 years we’ve had this sort of inside joke that when we accomplish something, we wave an imaginary flag. Our color is mint green, but we have shades of white and other greens too. Is it possible to get an outline of these flags and wording, so I can print them on scrapbook paper? Please please please with love on top?

    Thanks! :)

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