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Printable French Country Jam Jar Lables

Printable Jam Jar Labels DIY Jam Jar Labels It is canning time! To help you dress up your jam jars, Jennie has designed this gorgeous French Country label sheet for you to download and print. This added touch to your homemade delight makes your jam-packed jar a great gift idea too! Simply print the PDF onto a 2 inch label sheet. There is a space for you to write what kind of preserve the jar holds. Happy Friday ~Lia

Personalized Jam Jar Labels Jam Label Templates Make jam jar labels



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Hi there,
    Your posts always look so beautiful. I was wondering if you could tell me where you get the gorgeous faceted jam jar seen in the most recent post. It looks so special and just what im looking for but cannot find.

    • Hi Kris, I picked up the taller jars at our local hardware store but here is a link to the same jar on Amazon. Ball-Jar-8-Ounce-Jelly/dp/B008586UJY/ref=sr_1_63?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1345911296&sr=1-63&keywords=ball+jars. The middle one was bought at Sur La Table and the little one which is also a Ball, was recycled from a jar of honey. I would love to find more of those.

  2. Thank you Jennie for these gorgeous labels. Just in time for me to put on all the jars of canning I just did. !!!!! Love them.

  3. Hi!

    I tried printing out your jam jar labels onto 2″ round Avery white labels and they wouldn’t align correctly. Your directions say but “none” in the scale, but my computer won’t recognize that as a value. Ugh. Got any suggestions for making it work? Thanks!


    • Hello Sarah, Try 100% with your scale then. I will admit it is a little tricky with all the varieties of printers and label stock. Maybe use plain paper until you find your solution.

  4. Absolutely love it! The labels and the photos are adorable

  5. Thank you for all the neat stuff you post.. I love the monogram note cards. My son is in the Navy he has just left for deployment I was wondering if you could make a note card that would have an anchor on it that I could make to send in his care packages? Or tell me how to make one for myself?


    • Thanks for you note Janet. We don’t have any anchor note cards yet, but one of the designers loves the idea and wants to make them so stay tuned. ;-)

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