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Paper Rose Bouquet

DIY Paper Rose Wedding Bouquet This project, using paper roses to create a bouquet, has been on my mind since I posted the first paper rose tutorial. It is timeless and elegant and though I show it here in the white, it could easily be made in any color or even multiple colors by printing the template on a colored letter weight paper.

Paper Rose Bouquet Here are my instructions:

You will need: 24 prints of the paper rose template, scissors and hot glue, florist wire and florist tape, ribbons for handle and bow.
1a) Print 24 rose templates onto a letter weight paper. The PDF has 3 pages (large, medium and small) so you can print 8 of each page. I used common copy paper for my roses, which works beautifully. If you would like a different color, you can print this template onto a colored paper of your choice, though I would suggest it be letter weight rather than cardstock.
1b) Trim all 24 roses. I will be honest, this is the most time consuming part of the project. To make it easier, I trimmed my roses over several nights in front of my favorite TV show. I also cut one size at at time and kept each size in a large zip lock bag to keep the pieces from mixing.
2) Sort your petals into like stacks to make your process simple and organized. At this point, I finish one rose at a time. Curl the two sides of each petal using the edge of your scissors and fold your leaves (see diagram below).
3) Make a 12 inch stem with a folded piece of florist wire.
4) Wrap and hot glue the first three petals around the wire stem and glue petals 4-7 using the tabs to create a cup.
5) Slide petal in order onto your wire stem. If it is easier you can snip a tiny hole at the point of your petal cups, creating a space for the wire to slide through. You can arrange your petals and secure then with a dab of hot glue.
6) Wrap the wire stem completely covering with florist tape.
7) Repeat steps 2-6 for all 24 roses.
8) Holding stems in one hand, arrange your 24 roses to create a bouquet. Mix the 3 sizes to fill the spaces and to create a compact bouquet look. Once arranged, secure bundle of stems with florist tape at base of bouquet. Fold ends of wire up to create an even handle then completely cover stem handle with florist tape.
9) Using a soft ribbon, cover florist tape to finish the stem handle. Tie off at base of bouquet or use pearl pins to secure.
10) Finish your bouquet with a coordinating ribbon.

How to make a paper rose bouquet
Paper Rose Wedding Bouqet



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. oh wow this is simply beautiful, I absolutely LOVE roses and i hate seeing them die just for my visual delight, this idea has saved me that worry and i just cant STOP making them, thanks so so much.

  2. Una verdadera preciosidad, y además compartes tus conocimientos. Muchas gracias

  3. I followed your tutorial and made one of the bouquets! I love how lovely it came out! Its being feature on my blog right now :http://memoriesinthemakingnbaking.blogspot.com/2012/04/paper-rose-bouquet.html

  4. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful tutorials, especially the roses! They are the most elegant, life-like paper flowers I’ve come across. …AND they’re easy to make! I’m in the process of making a vase of roses for my desk, and a rose covered lantern! I’ll try and post a picture of the lantern when its finished. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I love the paper roses…. I even chalked them up and put them on some pens and pencils in my scrap room…. they are sooo pretty… I even sprayed a little perfume on the flowers for them to smell so pretty….. I will soon post it to my blog with of course the credit to Ellinee and the web site…. can’t wait to share with my friends and family to try.

  6. I am looking for supplies in preparation for making this cute diy, and was wondering what gauge of floral wire you would recommend. Would it be better to go with a size 22 or lower so that the roses are more supported by a thicker wire, or would 24 or 26 gauge be okay?

    • Hello Abby, I used a 22 gauge wire for my roses, but doubled it. If you are wrapping it into a bouquet a lighter wire might be okay, but still double or maybe triple it.

  7. This is so beautifully insane and it’s only paper! When I have a little bit of free time I am definitely trying this one out!

  8. Encantadoras estas florecitas.

  9. the bouquet is sooo beautiful…..it’s looks so natural….I’m glad I found this blog…..I hope to make a paper bouquet for home decor sometime soon and the instructions here are just what I need. If I post about it…..will link it to your site.Thanks a lot! for sharing….

  10. This is a fabulous idea and the instructions are complete and easy to understand. The white bouquet is beautiful and I like the fact that it will last a very long time.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I just found your blog through pinterest-it looks amazing, thank you:)

  12. These are such a great idea. I am going to try making them for myself and my bridal party. How do you think they will hold up if I used pages from books?

    • Definitely! We did make some from an old dictionary page and they looked really pretty. Share photos on our Facebook when you are done!

      • Used them for my wedding and they came out beautifully! They were a huge hit. I made them out of pages from my ladies’ favorite books, my favorite play, and my guys pages of issues about their favorite comic heroes.
        I sent pictures to your Facebook page in a message. Should I post them on the wall instead?

  13. Hi Lia,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and creative ideas to the world. I made this bouquet together with my fiance for our wedding, all thanks to you!
    Pictures here:
    We made a mixture of slightly brown edged plain roses and ones that had the excerpt from 1 Corinthians 13 on the topic of love.

    You have been a blessing to us (and many others!)

    • Oh my! It turned out gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos. It really warms my heart to see things like this. :-)

    • Debbie- I have no idea if you will see this, but I would love to know how you got your stems so thick for the bouquet. It’s gorgeous, by the way!!! -Christy :)

  14. Oh My Goodness!! so my daughter and I sat down to do these as a rainy day project and i let her have at it with her water color paints after they were finished!! I will never again buy fresh these are so beautiful!!

  15. I’ll save this one for a future wedding. Awesome!

  16. Wow! the paper roses are just beautiful ,can’t stop looking at them .I have done some on pearlised paper which give a fabulous look . Think am addicted to making them and know all my friends will want a wreath when they see mine . Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational projects .
    Sue x

    • Thanks Sue. I love these roses on pearl paper! Good thinking. So share some of your makings on our Facebook. I would love to see them!

  17. Love your site

  18. I used your tutorial and templates to make sheet music roses for my wedding. We’ll be using them for the bouquets and boutonnieres and centerpieces. I collected some sheet music, printed some out, (and printed out Bob Marley’s long quote about love for the roses that will go in my bouquet…) and used card stock. After the first few it got much easier and they’re turning out beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing your template and tutorial! I have pics here: http://thelissachronicles.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/one-week-to-go-oh-shit/

    • You are AMAZING! I just read your article. Paper cuts and glue gun burns. . . I am with you sister! I will have to check back to your blog to see photos of your wedding.

  19. Thanks for the tutorial! I actually tried using cardstock and it turned out just fine. It actually holds the form better and doesn’t crease or crinkle as easily.

  20. Thanks for the great tutorial Lia! What an amazing idea. Will try this out later :D

  21. Amazing. I will try this out soon.

  22. olá, você é muito talentosa , parabéns pelo seu trabalho…
    moro no Brasil … fiquei encantada ao ver seu blog…
    continue assim.

    • TRANSLATION: hello, you are very talented, congratulations on your work … I live in Brazil … I was delighted to see your blog … continue.

      Thank you! I love that there are international readers here! And I will continue. ;-)

  23. Amazing!!!

  24. Beautiful bouquet.

  25. Hi Lia!!
    Loved your bouque!! And the best part.. u gave the instructions very well. I am a self trained artist and know 21 kinds of arts and crafts. But recently felt to learn from others and improve. There are millions of tutorials on everything, but the way one gives instructions, makes it simpler.
    Thanks for sharing..

  26. Un tout grand merci :-) Je viens de réaliser une rose grâce à vos explications: elle est ravissante!!!
    One quite thank you:-) I have just realized a rose thanks to your explanations: she is so charming!!! (sorry for my bad english…)

  27. Hi! I love these and I am going to make them for my bridal bouquet and the ladies bouquets as well. I just have NO idea what kind of paper to use. :( Help me please!

    ~Christy :)

    • Hello Christy. I would pick a letter weight paper in the color of rose you want to make. I use common printer paper and it works beautifully, but colored paper, even an iridescent paper make a beautiful rose. Some people have reported to use card stock, but I prefer the lighter as it looks softer and more realistic.

    • Oh. . . and share photos of your progress. How exciting!!

  28. Thank you so much for this tutorial! It was very easy to follow and the flowers turned out AMAZING. I made all the bouquets and boutonnieres for my bridal party.

    Here’s my bouquet: http://i.imgur.com/UTpGuh.jpg

    And here is one of my bridesmaids: http://i.imgur.com/0TmUP.jpg

  29. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog after a friend shared the rununculus tutorial. I’m getting married next year and stressing a bit about how to keep the costs down, do as much as possible ourselves and not have tons to do at the last minute. Your blog has solved one of the problems for us – I can make paper roses well in advance! Thank you so much x


  30. I am super excited to try out a variety of your paper flower designs! I am going to be creating a mock up bouquet for my friends up and coming nuptials and I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she realizes the flowers are paper!!!! Thank you so much for your creative design and super user friendly instructions. You are amazing!!!

  31. Lia, gracias por compartir, por los tutoriales, en fin por el buen gusto que tienes, me encantan todos… he utilizado el patron de las rosas en un espejo reciclado y me quedo genial o al menos yo lo veo así….
    Gracias nuevamente

  32. I like to create something instead of buy something for valentines day. And this is THE perfect idea this year. Last year I couldn’t think of anything perfect for my girlfriend until I come across our middle school’s “crafting class” (I’m a senior now) and they were making small pillows. God bless the teacher for using her extra time to teach me to sew the whole pillow. So proud of the pillow! I was wondering may I modify the flowers a bit? Like different paper and or magazine paper?

    • Sure. If you look around the blog, maybe search “rose” you can see a lot of variations we have done with the rose. One post I did use an old dictionary page and it was gorgeous. Magazine pages could be really fun too.

  33. Your template has been amazing! I am making my bridesmaid bouquets out of it – I have changed the petals to shades of orange and yellow. Also my corsages for my Mother and future Mother-in-law which I am customising the colours and sizes to go with their dresses and I am making the leaves out of coloured leather. For the men’s buttonholes I am using the template to make them out of comic books too as my fiance loves comics. Finally I have printed out versions of them on A3 rather than A4 and I’m using those bigger ones to do the centrepiece for the ceremony. In short, this template has saved me! I have spent many many hours cutting out very carefully but I love it. I will definitely share photos once everything is done. Thank you very much for sharing!

    • Wow Liz! I love your creativity. Yes, the cutting is the most time consuming. They will be stunning at your wedding and I am excited to see your photos!

  34. Hi Lia! I love the paper flowers and am making them for all my bridal bouquets and centerpieces. Since I am using colored paper, the leaves on those flowers come out an awful not very nature-ey looking green. Would it be possible for you to create a template with just leaves? So I could print a ton of them on my white and cream paper to put on my colored roses? I would be e happiest bride on the planet. :)

    Thank you! -Christy :)

    • Ps: I am laughing because I already wrote you once. :). I found beautiful creams and pinks and peaches for the roses after you wrote me the first time. They are seriously beautiful. I can’t wait to show you the finished project! ;)

    • Would you like the 3 leaf piece that is with that rose or would you rather have a full leaf like I used on the long stemmed red rose post. I can send you either one.

      • Ooh. I never saw the full leaf. Let me go look at that. But for now, just the 3 leaf piece would be great. I am SO excited!!!!! :)

  35. Nice creative work, i am very inspire about your work. Keep it up i’ll appreciate your work.

  36. Hello! I love this bouquet and am excited to try making it on my own for my wedding September. One problem, I can’t seem to find the PDF file for the templates. Can you please help me?!

    Thanks much!

    • Hello Lisa, There is a botton at the bottom of the post that will allow you to download the PDF. If you don’t see that happening then try unblocking pop-ups on your browser.

  37. Hello,
    What a gift you are from above! You are a LIFESAVER! My niece is getting married and this idea is perfect! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  38. I made the paper rose bouquet for my friend, for her 40th birthday, it looked great, would love to send you a picture!

  39. me gustaría saber en donde descargo las flores

  40. I love this and wish to try making one for my own bouquet, but can’t seem to find the PDF with the variable sizes :s I’m probably being silly but could you please tell me where it is? Thank you!

  41. This totally saved my wedding! I found this about 6 months before my wedding and fell in love with them. I went back and forth from white to purple (our wedding color) and then to different flowers of all kinds… but I ALWAYS came back to your template. In the end, I chose to make it with purple copier paper and put pearl embellishments in the wire. So many hours cutting and finding the right paper and pearls and wire and construction, but it was so worth it! I just had to share and say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping make my wedding beautiful!!!

  42. After reading this article, I decided to make my wedding bouquet but soon found out that I am not very handy with arts and crafts so I bought one from royascreations. Thank you for the suggestion!!!

  43. Wow! This is so cute! :) I’ll be doing it for Mother’s day! :)

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