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Paper Anemone Flower + Tutorial

DIY Paper Anemone Bouquet DIY Paper Anemone Paper Anemone Flowers Anemone Bouquet Made from Paper Paper Flowers Pink Paper Anemone Flowers Happy Friday, everyone! What a wonderful way to start the weekend. . . with a new paper flower. The anemone flower is a favorite for weddings, with delicate pale petals and a black centers parallel the traditional wedding dress and black tuxedo. I am loving this pale pink variety and recreated it for you in my version of the anemone flower. Start with the prints of the PDF which is available for you below. Print both sides on a light, letter weight paper to keep your petals fine and delicate and follow my tutorial. You can make the bouquet in the photos with 12 flowers or just one to add a little spring to your February weekend. ~ Lia

How to Make a Paper Anemone Flower PinkAnemoneButton



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. These are just stunning Lia! Thank you so much for sharing a tutorial. I can’t wait to try my hand at making my own! xo Ez

  2. so wonderful idea, thanks for sharing

  3. Hey I love your flower tutorials but I was wondering if there were any that don’t require printing? :) xox

    • Hey Melissa, You can print one as a template and use it with colored paper. I will be honest though. . . for my photos and tutorials, it is the print on the paper that makes them stand out from any other paper flower I have seen. I do encourage people to be creative and use any material they like.

  4. Such gorgeous flowers, as always might I add. Thanks for sharing & providing a tutorial too.

  5. Wow, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, it is absolute elegance. Thanks, Lisa, you are wondefully made with huge talent.

  6. Parabéns adorei aprender. Muito obrigada por dividir o que sabe, adorei sua página. 1.000.000 de beijos no seu coração.

    • I have to post the translation because it is the sweetest note!: Congratulations loved learning. Thank you for sharing what you know, I loved your page. 1,000,000 kisses in your heart.

  7. i can not tell you how impressed i am with you. seriously. the MOST gorgeous paper flowers i have seen on the interwebs. i’m in awe whenever i see a new flower tutorial. when i get married, i’m using your flowers for all my flowers. sooo pretty.

  8. I love these! I made one tonight and its so cute! I cant wait to make more and put them in a vase! I think ill make some for my friend too! She will love them!! Thanks!!! :D

  9. Lovely DIY project and great tutorial! The finished flowers are so delicate and graceful — would be lovely as favors at a bridal shower!

  10. these are LOVELY :) Thanks for sharing

  11. Hi, I’m Mìcol!I’ve found your tutorial on Pinterest (I’ve started now to use it :-)) and I love it!!!!I need to make some anemone for a lamp and your tutorial is beautiful, Thank you very much!!!!!!ciao!!!Micol

  12. Hey Lia!I love this project best and cannot help trying at once. I took a sheet of copy paper,hand-sketched all the prints on it and trimmed everything. Then I found I’m out of glue so I made a little glue with flour and water LOL. It took me 10 min to make a sheer white version but it is still so beautiful. Looking forward your better works! (From China)

  13. I loved your blog!!!and these tutorials are wonderful!!!thanks !!!!

  14. I just made 2 for gifts.(For the future:)).to accompany your pretty tags..
    So nice….felt like a kid:)
    They are as cute as can be,
    Thank you:)

  15. Hi–i love this flower tutorial. Looking to make the bouquet but what gauge is the floral wire? 16g? Thanks!!

  16. I just can’t get over how stunning these look…What’s incredible is the Devine use of the black circle center which I believe just makes the entire piece absolutely perfect! Thank You so much for this share.

  17. sooooooooooo cute :)

  18. These are absolutely stunning!

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