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Mother’s Day Gift Card

Printable Mother's Day Gift Card DIY Mother's Day Card Printable Who doesn’t love getting gift cards? I designed this petal style Mother’s Day gift card to be either a stand alone card for gifts of time and experiences, or to hold a retail gift card. Either way, it makes a beautiful display for your sentiments of love for your mother. The PDF template has both a back and front. Print the front onto a heavy card stock, turn that paper and print page 2 onto the back. Trim the petal card with an xacto knife or scissors, score the edge of the petal using a scoring tool or the back of a butter knife and a ruler, punch a hole in each of the two side petals, fold the petals and use a ribbon through the holes to secure it closed. To make the perfect straight bow you can refer to my How to Tie the Perfect Bow post. Enjoy! ~Lia

DIY mother's day card tutorial



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  1. It’s lovely can u make these in Thank you and congratulations? :)

  2. Spasiba za vashi sait

  3. This is wonderful Lia! Can you please help me on how to download it though?

  4. Where is the download at? I dont see it on this page anywhere?

  5. this card is tooooooooooo beautiful .this card is for my lovely mom and for every lovely moms in the world.happt mothers day

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