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Mini Paper Rose Wreath in Blush, Pink & Peach

DIY Mini Paper Rose Wreath Just last week, Elli shop designer Emily shared one of her recent crafty gift projects. . . a mini version of the paper rose wreath. It is oh so adorable and easy to create with only six paper roses, so we had to share this fun project with you. Emily found a 5.5 inch foam disk at the dollar store and cut out a circle with her craft knife to create the wreath base. (When I made mine I used a metal cookie cutter to punch out the center of the disk. A drinking glass would work too). She then hot glued the 6 roses onto the foam base along with the paper leaves then glued a ribbon around the edge of the disk to cover the edge of the foam and give it a finished look. To make the white mini wreath you can download those printable roses here.

Pink Paper Rose Mini Wreath I am loving the soft tones of blush, pink and peach and thought these colors together would make a gorgeous group of roses to use for my Emily inspired mini wreath. You can download the six page PDF below for the three rose template in a watercolor print, both fronts and backs. I am also including a printable for green leaves below, also to print both front and back. Print the PDFs onto a simple text weight printer paper. For my tutorial on how to make the paper rose you can click here. (Look for the new paper rose tutorial video on Friday). So run to your dollar store and grab some foam disks in their floral section along with some pretty inch-wide ribbon and make this mini wreath as a Valentine gift, for DIY wedding decor or to hang on your own wall. I am off to Salt Lake City for the Alt Summit! See you next week. ~ Lia

DIY Paper Rose Wreath BlushRoseButton PaperRoseLeafButton



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Thank you Lia. Every time you share a project I feel it cannot get better than this. Then you go and do one better. Really admire your work. Luzia

  2. Beautiful!!

  3. Lia, how does Emily watercolor the paper without it curling up on her. I tried this several ways and can’t get it to stay flat and not distort.

    • Hey Stephanie. The water color roses are actually my creations and what I do is use an image of a watercolor on the printable. So all you have to do is download the printable at the end of this post and print them on a letter weight paper. And, voila! the watercolor will be printed for you.

  4. I started cutting out all the white roses to make the large wreath last year and never finished. This has re-inspired me to finish it, and perhaps make two small wreaths to go on either side of the large one. Wow. Thanks!

  5. these are stunning! I can’t believe they’re paper

  6. Wow! These are spectacular!! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  7. Beautiful!
    Thanks, Kate

  8. Stunning in both the peach tones & the white.

  9. I tuoi lavori sono stupendi!
    Sei bravissima, seguo sempre le tue creazioni.
    Un abbraccio dall’Italia

  10. I love the paper roses and am eager to try them. Thank you!

    I haven’t been able to download the templates, though. My screen comes up empty – ?

  11. Spaiba balishioe za to cito delitesi s nami! Vashi sait eto ciudo!!! THANK YOU VERY MACH!!!

  12. oh.
    they’re perfect.

  13. SO beautiful!! Thanks so much for downloads! :)

  14. This are so beautiful! My grandchild has made paper roses that you shared earlier. She is very eager to do this project! When I tried to down load the pattern, it said the file was corrupt and couldn’t be down loaded. Your projects are so lovely always.

  15. Roses and leaves are still not downloading for me. I don’t block pop-ups on my browser (Firebox), so now I’m at a loss at what to try. I hate to bother you, but could you please
    add my address to those you’ll email the files? Many thanks,

  16. Could you please email me the link for the pictures. I have printed direct from website and it printing so light that I cannot see the outline to cut. Many thanks Rachel

  17. Hi , Lia ! Thank you for your share . I happened to see between your article .
    The flowers are so beautiful ! I download the pictures , but I don’t know what kind of printer and print paper can I use .And what are the requirements for the printing of paper. Can you tell me ?

    • You can use a simple copy paper, letter weight. I recommend a xerox laser printer (a quick print shop uses these) or an hp ink jet printer.

  18. Hi Lia, I’m probably being dumb, but I don’t understand what the sheet of coloured papers are for. There’s the two sheets of rose templates – the peach and the blush pink, and two sheets of solid colour – what are they for?

    Don’t I just print out the rose templates and make up the roses?

  19. PS, also, how many layers have the roses in the photo above got, because it looks like there’s much more than the three single petals, one template with three petals, one with four and two with five petals.

    Sorry, but I’d really like to make this wreath and want to get it right.

    • One rose takes all seven pieces on the sheet. There is a link in the article that takes you to the page where you will find the tutorial for the roses. This will help you understand exactly how to make them.

  20. Thanks Lia. All makes sense now. I’ll have a go later. You are very kind for sharing your tutorials with us :)

  21. It’s hard to believe these aren’t real flowers! Amazing!

  22. thanks, i love it

  23. Love! These are so beautiful and making me feel like Spring!

  24. Love everything you make!

  25. I downloaded and printed the blush, rose set above earlier in the day, but only printed 3 instead of 6. When I came back this evening, I am getting an error when trying to open it. It says the file is corrupt. Is this on my end or yours? Please help if you can. These are so beautiful and I am very excited about making. I made watercolor roses from coffee filters before and they turned out beautifully, but wow, they were time consuming.

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