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Lia’s Pick: Holiday Photo Cards

Christmas is August? I am kidding with you, right? Haha (Hoho). The Ellinée elves. . . I mean designers have been busy for the last few months creating fresh, bright and joy-filled holiday goodies for the Elli shop. We just received from our printer the first batch of samples of our new Christmas photo card designs. Happy dance! The eggshell paper is so thick and luscious, the printing. . . oh, so bright and lovely. . . a designer’s dream. I am too excited about our new photo Christmas card designs and want to share my favorites from this first round!  Here are my top 6 picks:

Holiday Photo Cards 1) Chevron Cheer: One of my favorite trends right now is the chevron pattern. I love Tara’s fresh color combo and the continued chevron on the back of the card. 2) Joy Ornament: It is Jenni’s bold graphic and the ORANGE infusion (my favorite color) that snagged me on this design. I am a sucker for the stripes that continue on the back, so what is not to love. 3) Chalkboard Cheer: Another one of Jennie’s brilliant designs! The chalkboard theme is so “now”, and this is a beautiful version of another favorite trend. 4) Bright Noel: This bold color block design combined with a painted texture is so delicious! Emily’s thoughtfulness of offering the option for a longer holiday message on the back of this card is too good for words. No pun intended. 5) Arctic Friends: Polar bears and penguins. Need I say more? These little cuties warmed my heart at first glance. You can see why we have given their creator, Tara the nickname “Queen of Cuteness”. 6) Winter Cheers: The combo of Emily’s fresh colors on the charcoal grey, the diagonal stripes on the back and the “Cheers” in a fabulous script font, made this design an immediate winner in my book. Hope you enjoyed our preview of the wonder and bliss to come. ~Lia



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

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