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Inspired by Honeysuckle (color of the year)

We have now had a few months to ponder the Pantone’s Fall 2011 Color Report that was released in December, naming Honeysuckle the 2011 color of the year and taking the place of our beloved Turquoise who gracefully held that crown for twelve serene months. Honestly, I am not a pink lover. Even when my daughter was at that “all things pink” age, we both steered clear of the stereotypical sticky pink. Perhaps that is why Honeysuckle caught my eye. . . and even opened my mind. It is not typical. It is fresh. It reminds me of pink lemonade and pink grapefruit. Honeysuckle touts more yellow than hot pink and is much pinker than coral. At Ellinée design house it is our job to stay in step with the current trends, so after the first double take and a deep breath, we jumped on board. Our favorite honeysuckle color combos are mixed with variation of pink and orange as you can see in our Peony Love thank you note in the image below. We created this inspiration board with some other bits of lovely that inspire us as we slide honeysuckle into our Spring & Summer designs. The truth? I am actually eager to see how this color will inspire new fall and winter combination. Okay. . . I am in love*.

(*Currently, my Mac, laptop and iPhone are all wearing the juicy honeysuckle wallpaper we created for you. Click her to download.)

Honeysuckle Wedding Mood Board

1) Striped Bunnies from Wood Pond Designs at Etsy
2) Honeysuckle Bridesmaid Dress from Dessy Group
3) Desktop and Smart Phone Wallpaper from Ellinée
4) Peony & Raspberry Bouquet by Nicolette Camille
5) Instinctual Flats from Anthropologie
6) Mystic Pink Topaz Earrings from Crow & Iris at Etsy
7) Cecile Flower Headband from ah-noo-shing at Etsy
8) The Gathering Tank from Anthropologie
9) Inspired Peony Thank You Cards by Elli
10) Seafire Ring from Anthropologie



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