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INEEDYOUHello everyone! This is my last post here on Ellinée. It has been a wonderful few years and I enjoyed hearing how you found delight in the printables and tutorials I offered here at Ellinée for your events, occasions and your everyday life. For my final farewell, I am asking you to help me out. I have launched a Kickstarter project and have until the end of the month to raise the money for my web series project. That is not much time and it is an all or nothing set up! So. . . If all of you pretended to buy me a latte as a little thank you and good luck gesture . . . and instead of a latte use that $5 to back the “Handcraft Your Life” web series, I would make my goal! That is all it takes and it will add up fast. So click this Kickstarter link and check out video! And remember. . . you can still find me sharing tutorials, printables and inspiration (and hopefully weekly videos) on my new blog at liagriffith.com. Thank you and I love you all!! ~ Lia



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. I have enjoyed EVERY email from you, and have tried and still cant do paper roses but I wont give up {smile}… its sad to see you go from here but to know you will continue to share your work, is still yet awesome!!! I would love to help contribute towards your goal, as you have given more to me with my inspiration on crafts than you would ever know {smile}

    Many wishes on the next chapter – Hugz from the NC…

    Thank you again ……….. Shaunda E.

  2. Out of all the websites I searched for paper roses, yours was and still is the best. You give the GREATEST tutorial. I wish you all the best with the move. You are awesome

  3. I don’t have to look far to be reminded of your influence in my life. I have paper flowers all over my house! :-) I will miss working on projects together but I will definitely follow and support your blog of awesome crafty tutorials. Thank you for seeing potential in me and for drawing out the creativity. ((hugs))

  4. Hi again Lia! Just watned to let you know that some people do better for crowdfunding through indiegogo.com ..you can list more info of why you need the funding and whatever you raise is given to you within 30-45 days… even if you do not raise the full amount… you might want to try it when this ends and let people know you will be transferring your fundraising over there… hope this helps.. you are such an amazing giver with your tutorials and free printables.. thank you!
    graciously, Cathy B operationblessingbrigade at g mail dotcom

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