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Easy Floral Tape & Curly Willow Grids for Flower Arrangements

One of the challenges to creating a flower arrangement is getting your flowers to stay put where you placed them, especially if your vase or container is not packed full of stems. One of the tricks that we used at my  flower shop was to make a grid using waterproof floral tape or making a curly willow nest inside your container. Both of these techniques help space the flowers evenly and make creating an arrangement a snap. Here is a little tutorial to show you how I use these techniques. If you are unable to find waterproof floral tape, which comes in both white and green, you can use transparent tape that you trim into thirds lengthwise. Make sure you secure the transparent tape grid with a band of tape around the lip of the vase as it may not stick if it gets wet. ~Lia

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  1. I saw the sellotape (scotch tape?) grid on a programme way, way back in the Seventies and I’ve used it since then on glass vases. With foliage falling around the rim of the vase the tape is concealed and the flowers stay arranged and pretty. I didn’t know there was a special tape to do it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. that’s so simple and easy can’t believe i didn’t think of it!

  3. I’m hoping to get as much help as possible with Mine& my Fiance’ diy Wedding on July 29, 2012.. Which Is Very FAST Approaching but that is a SPECIAL DATE for us and we’d like to keep it that way!! I need help with flower, decoration and such ideas as the colors we chose are Periwinkle, Silver& White! THANK-YOU So Very Much With What Ever Help You Can Give!!! Xoxo

  4. really love your tutorials!

  5. WOW! simple yet elegant arrangements.

  6. Great Ideas!

    Another quick trick, if your going to have something else covering the vase, is to make the grid pattern with rubber bands at 90 degrees from each other. Doesn’t look to good for the rubber bands to show, but if your going to decorate by putting the vase into something else like a bucket, cookie jar, or even a fabric cover, the bands won’t show.

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