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DIY Spring Grocery List Pad

Printable Grocery List For Christmas 2010 I designed and padded grocery lists as gifts for my friends and family and they were a hit! I still use mine religiously (it’s clipped to the refrigerator for easy access). Seriously, I’d be lost without it now. I like to scan through the list before my weekly grocery trip to bring to mind odds and ends like toothpaste or dryer sheets. It’s super helpful to have like items grouped together so I remember to pick up everything I need in the same aisle at the store (which is helpful if you have a one-year-old in your shopping cart). HA!

Well, spring is here and I have updated my grocery list with springy artwork and provided it for you as a fabulous freebie. Hooray! Don’t be overwhelmed by this DIY project. It’s super easy. Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Spring Grocery Shopping List

  • Padding Compound Padding compound
  • Printed grocery lists (one cut down the middle gives you two lists at 5.5 x 8.5 each)
  • Cardboard or chipboard (5.5 x 8.5)
  • Small paintbrush
  • A heavy object to place on the pad while the padding compound dries
  • Clip to hang on fridge or wall
  • Ribbon (to tie a pen to the clip, very handy and decorative)
  • Pen

To pad your lists, gather a bunch of printed lists together with a backing (I do 40 sheets per pad, which is 40 trips to the store) and bang them on the table to get all the sides lined up evenly. Then while pinching the pad together, apply a small amount of padding compound to the top edge with the small paintbrush. Set it carefully on the table and place a heavy object on top to keep the papers from curling or lifting while the compound dries. After the first coat is dry, apply a second coat and let dry. You can add functionality and cuteness by attaching a clip with ribbon and pen. You will have plenty of padding compound left over to make additional lists for your friends and family!

Grocery Shopping Printable List

You can download the spring grocery list artwork in the above link. I hope this helps you stay organized this spring. And don’t forget to buy yourself some flowers! ~ Emily

Emily Crawford

Hello, there. I'm a thirty-something wife of nine years, mother of two little girls, and a freelance graphic designer. I love designing stationery for Elli.com and posting tutorials and downloads on the Elli blog. Follow me on Pinterest to see what I am currently loving.

  1. You have amazing style and designs! Thanks so much for all of your generous downloads : )

  2. I am a school teacher who lives in Italy
    I find your work exceptional
    my students will make compliments
    Thanks for Everything

  3. Love this idea and the colors that you’ve chosen! Perfect!

  4. I just adore this list! I buy myself flowers when grocery shopping more often than I would like to admit! It is just perfect, I won’t go to the store without one of these every again!
    Thank you!!

  5. super cute, Love the pen and color. Is it just a grocery store find or special pen. Need that color in my life!

    • I am in LOVE with green right now too! That pen was actually sent to my with my online shampoo order from Max Green Alchemy with their name stamped on it. I wish I did know where I would buy a dozen.

  6. How come it won’t print? It just sends me back to the free printables

    • You can select it from the free printable page. When you double click on the icon of the grocery list it will download a pdf for you. You can print from there.

  7. I adore this printable! I use it when I am in a rush to get the basics. Its hard to be organized with twins. :)

    I want to know how you created this template?! A website or program? It’s very well done! My sister would love to create things like this for her shop and if I could tell her how it would be lovely! Hope you can get back to me soon!

    Thanks again! Keep on Crafting!

    • Hi Andrea, Thanks for your comment. We have a small team of very talented graphic designers who illustrate and design all the projects on our blog. Our designer Emily created this printable for us using Adobe Illustrator and her eye for good typography.

  8. I cannot seem to be able to find the printable. :( I don’t understand. When I click the download link it takes me to a page with all your other products and your Facebook Like button.

    • Yes, we are updating our method as we have grown out of this one. All the downloads are on this Fabulous Freebie page. It is in the sixth section under the shamrock.

  9. Thank you for the printable grocery list. I fold it in half and use one side for my Costco list and the other side for my grocery store list. I’ve been looking for a grocery list that suited my needs for sometime. Thank you so much Emily for designing this wonderful list.

  10. Thank you for your website and great craft ideas. I must admit I find a lot of crafty websites a big daggy and look homemade in a negative sense. But your site and craft ideas are a class act! Thank you for raising the bar and giving me hope that I can make things that are just as good or better than store made things! You have a lot of style and class!

  11. I just adore this list! I buy myself flowers when grocery shopping more often than I would like to admit! It is just perfect, I won’t go to the store without one of these every again!

    Thank you!!

  12. This shopping list is very useful and i like it a lot

  13. I’ve bought the same darn grocery checklist for YEARS and just learned (on Monday, actually) that it is no longer made. I just about DIED. Ever tried grocery shopping with two toddlers and no organized shopping list? It’s a suicide mission. Needless to say, I am over the moon and now a devoted fan. Thank you for saving my sanity!!!

    Oh… and I blogged about it too to spread the good news. :)

  14. Can padding compound be purchased at craft stores? If so, what section might I find it? Even my husband is excited about this printable because we hate going to the grocery store only come home and realize we are halfway through our last roll of toilet paper! (His excitement comes from the fact that HE is always the one to run back and pick up the forgotten items!) LOL!

  15. Thank you Lia!
    Now I can organize my shopping and leave the kitchen with a twist. Have print and was very cute….


  16. Just found your site, LOVE it! Thanks for sharing this great grocery list!

    Sandra from simpleispretty.com

  17. I love this idea is so sweet. Home made Christmas this year. ; ) Thank you for sharing. xx

  18. You could laminate this list and use any uniposca markers which come off with a damp cloth! That way you dont waste paper ^_^ lovely printable! I love your organizational labels

  19. Thanks, but in French, do you have the same ? :-)))

    • Sadly, I do not speak French though after my wonderful holiday there a few weeks ago I do want to remedy that. However, ff someone were to help us with the text. . . we may be able to put one together. Hint Hint. ;-)

  20. I love your template!!! I was wondering if you could post the original document so I can edit it for Items I usually purchase?


    • Thanks. We may look at adding one that has the option to edit in Acrobat, but we can’t really give out the original source file. Stay tuned.

  21. Thank you so very much! your web site is wonderful!

  22. Just found you via Pinterest – this list is beautiful! Do you have a matching meal planner? Or other colours? Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah. We do not have those things but I may create some of those great ideas on my new blog liagriffith.com. Stay tuned. ;-)

  23. This is really cute. thanks for making it. =D

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