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DIY Monogram Note Cards

We have been quite excited to add this Fabulous Freebie to our list! These are easy to download with one click. Open in Adobe Acrobat where you can personalize the names, initials and message on the belly band. Each PDF has instructions at the top of the page.

In this kit you will find:

1) 5X7 Notecard Templates. Editable PDF format. 3 colors: purple, teal & yellow

2) Avery 8293 Label Template. Editable PDF fomat. 3 colors: purple, teal & yellow

3) Notecard Belly Bands. Editable PDF fomat. Matches all color options

You can purchase matching A7 envelopes at a paper or craft store such as Paper Source.

Monogram personalized stationery printable



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Hi Ellinée!
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful stationary templates. The purple label template seems to be going to the wrong link.


  2. These are soo cute! I love them. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. hi! both the teal and yellow notecard links open the yellow notecards :( i love these designs, thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Love these. Making up a set for my best friend who adores purple.
    Thank you so much for sharing ;)

  5. i am trying to open the pdf files on a mac and for some reason the “initial” part of the text is too large for the accompanying border. is there any way to fix this or re-size one of the two?

  6. The font used for the initials is Times Roman which is pretty universal. It may be that you don’t have that font on your Mac so it is using a default font. When I open the PDF it looks correct. See if you can reinstall Times Roman, and that may take care of the issue. If not, let me know your info and I can email you the edited PDF.

  7. i too am having a problem fitting my initials in the designated space. did you say that you have an edited PDF to solve the problem? love the cards…

    • Are you trying to put two initials in the space rather than the one? Or are you referring to the round sticker sheets?

      • I am only trying to put the one initial in the space provided. Not working–chops off the letter

        • I am guessing that you do not have the default font Times Roman on your computer so it is replacing it with something else. You can either download a free version of that font, or let me know which color you like and I will send you an altered PDF.

  8. What note card template are you using for these cards?

  9. Any way to make the letters and name darker?

    • I designed them to be a midtoned grey to balance with the artwork. If you want the text in a different color you can select the editible fields and delete all text. Save the PDF then import it as a background into Word. In Word you can choose your font, font size and font color.

    • I have updated the files with a darker grey. See if that works better for you.

  10. i tried the times roman recommendation and still no go. argh! I was hoping to use all 3 colors–alternating them amongst my bridal party. is it too much to ask for an altered PDF for all 3?

  11. Hello again!
    I am trying to get the things I need and was wondering if I am supposed to get white, clear, or colored labels to print on? Thanks!

  12. Hello again!
    I so appreciate the altered PDF’s–the initial fits great! Have 2 other questions as i try to print these out: bought the correct labels 8293, but they print out off centered no matter what I try. The paper people told me to alter the format–moving it 1/8″ down and 1/16″ to the right. Are you able to do that? Also the belly band is not long enough to fit around the cards and envelopes (using exact stationery you called for)–is it possible to format it for a 8.5″ x 14″ paper, adding the extra length needed (at least 1.5″)? I know I am asking alot and have tried to troubleshoot as best I can–to no avail! I know I will love the finished product and have already bought and broken into all of the necessary stationery items–really want this to work! :) Thanks!!

  13. These are wonderful and you are so kind to share. I think they would also be great as stationary for a new bride. I have Adobe Acrobat Pro (but am a novice at using it). Is there any way in your file for me to remove your cut lines before printing? I used them at first to measure out where to cut, but now that I know that, it would be easier to cut out without the lines so that I don’t have the little random dotted line around the stationary because my cutting wasn’t perfect. I feel badly even bothering you with the question since you have been so charitable already. Thanks.

  14. Omg!!!! This is unreal. Thank-you so much. I just did a trial set and it’s beautiful. I’ll be using this for sure!

  15. Hi! I loved these art works, thank you so much for sharing!
    I was wondering what’s the font for the “Thank you” part?
    Loved it, so beautiful!

  16. All you share is so beautiful, thanks =) hugs from México

  17. I love these thank you cards, They look beautiful! I m using the purple template to make cards for my bridesmaids. Thank you so much!!!

  18. these are so gorgeous but the initial in the “wreath” is not centered inside the wreath. It prints out slightly higher, practically touching the top of the wreath. What am I doing wrong? everything else looks great, although the colors are very off (that may be my printer so I will try it tomorrow at work).

    • I opened the file and the initials have a lot of space around them, so I am thinking that you may not have the font to match this editable field. I used a universal Times Roman. If you can’t add that font to make it work, send me your edited PDF (lia@ellinee.com) and I can fix the font to fit.

      • Thanks, Lia. I actually opened it at work and the spacing is perfect. I have a Mac at home so maybe that had something to do with it? I am going to print them later today and hopefully the colors aren’t off like they were at home. I appreciate your help and I will keep you posted!

  19. Hi, thanks for sharing =) but i cant find the auto-fill. Care to help? thanks =)

  20. Lia (or anyone else reading this post),
    These are amazing, and I cannot wait to use them for one of my bridemaid gifts :) I tried printing out the labels, and they are always printing off center from the actual sticker. Do you have any tips for getting them to print right on the circle? I have the actual Avery 8293, so I’m pulling my hair trying to figure it out. It could be my printer, but I thought I’d give this a shot too! Thank you so much for posting these, they are amazing :)

    • Hello Lauren. Printing stickers can be a bit tricky since every printer varies on how the paper is sent through. The first thing I would check is when your print window is open, the page size option often is preset to “shrink to fit”. Make sure you click “actual size” or it will for sure not align. Let me know if this does not work and maybe we can trouble shoot more.

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